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Saving Sexuality In The Elderly

Although sexuality has become more commonplace in our society, many elders still have uncomfortable views on the subject. This may be because they grew up in an era where sexual behavior was much more taboo, or it may be because they simply haven’t spent enough time considering sexuality as an important aspect of life that […]

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Mental Activities to Make You Feel Better

Many of the fun, entertaining Activities you played as a child are still great to play now that you’re an adult. Whether you enjoy playing card games with friends or getting together with family to play Monopoly, these classic games can help you unwind after a long day and let off some steam in the […]

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You’re Never Too Old to Feel Young and Happy

You may think it’s impossible to feel young and happy when you’re older than 40, but that’s not true at all! You just need to know what the keys are to achieving happiness, health and vitality in your golden years. Here are some of the most important keys, so you can always look back and […]

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